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An inclinometer (Scoliometer) measures distortions of the torso. The patient is asked to bend over, with arms dangling and palms pressed together, until a curve can be observed in the thoracic area (the upper back). The Scoliometer is placed on the back and used to measure the apex (the highest point) of the curve. The patient is then asked to continue bending until the curve in the lower back can be seen; the apex of this curve is then measured.

The measurements are repeated twice, with the patient returning to a standing position between repetitions. The results of the Scoliometer can indicate problems, and some experts believe it is a useful device for widespread screening. Scoliometers, however, measure rib cage distortions in more than half of children who turn out to have very minor or no sideways curves. Scoliometers are not accurate enough to guide treatment, and, if results show a deformity, x-rays need to be performed.

This screening device measures angle of rotation. It provides objective guidelines for referral and reduces x-ray exposure. A storage pouch and complete instructions are provided.

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