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Mechanical Drop Piece

Mechanical Drop Piece

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Made in the USA.

Weight ball and wedge not included. See our great products to order the foam wedges(6pk)

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The MDP utilizes the same specific frequency as the V/T, but the two pieces of equipment have inimitable functions. Where the V/T applies primarily to the cervical & lumbar spine in the sagittal dimension, treating the loss of the normal spinal curves in these areas, the MDP affects the thoracic & pelvic spine in an axial/coronal plane, addressing translation & rotation. The V/T is a smaller fulcrum, applying force to the sagittal pivot points of the spine to facilitate lordotic restoration. The MDP uses a larger fulcrum to affect larger spinal angles, such as the DUD/DLD, and also uses more force & a greater displacement to affect the massive ligaments of the pelvic girdle, reducing rotation of the sacral base & innominates. It can be used in scoliotic patients as well as non-scoliotic patients; the benefits will be most apparent in patients with a great deal of pelvic rotation (as measured by the Sacral Base Line on an A-P Lumbar x-ray), and in patients with a large Dorsal-Upper Dorsal angle.


NOTE: International orders for vibration therapy equipment should be placed a minimum of 21 days in advance, and the additional accessories & modifications required to outfit the unit for international operations. Using a transformer will void the warranty on the unit; vibrational therapy must occur at specific frequencies in order to be effective, and this is affected not by the voltage, but by the Hertz of the electrical current (transformers will not affect the Hertz, only the voltage, of the incoming current).



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