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Q1. What makes the Vibe superior to other vibration therapy devices?
Answer: The Vibe was developed by a doctor with over 35 years of experience in spinal biomechanics.  It uses 3-dimensional oscillating vibration, is made of solid steel & welds, is quality-tested to maintain ideal amplitude & frequency up to 800 lbs, has a 30-day guarantee, a 1-year unlimited warranty, and a 1-year warranty on the motor. The Vibe also generates very minimal sound. It specifically does not come with adjustable speeds based on research performed to determine the Maximum Therapeutic Benefit in terms of both osteoporosis and neuro-muscular proprioceptive re-education (postural remodeling). The Vibe is fixed at this frequency & amplitude to ensure maximum results.

Other vibration platforms have an adjustable frequency feature which is not favorable based on research performed. Certain vibrational frequencies have been found to be ineffective, and even cause more harm than good. Little mention of amplitude is made regarding other vibration platforms. Amplitude is extremely important in determining how well the frequency will transmit into the body.



Q2. What does the vibe cost?
Answer: The New Vibe is $1,995 and the Deluxe Vibe is $3,395.

Q3. What type of warranty comes with the Vibe?
Answer: Each Vibe comes with a 30 day guarantee, a 1-year unlimited warranty, and a 1-year warranty on the motor.

Q4. Why is frequency and amplitude important when selecting a vibration therapy machine?
Answer: A vibration is like a wave, repeated over and over again. Scientists quantify this wave through its frequency (the number of waves per second, measured in Hertz) and its amplitude (which is the size of the wave). These two factors also determine the effect of vibration upon the body. Different tissues in the body will respond to different frequencies. For instance, research has shown that the collagen which makes up the cartilage of your joints and the discs between the bones of the spine responds to a slow pulse of 4 Hertz (four pulses per second). The muscles respond to a much faster frequency – 10 times faster, in fact.  Meanwhile, the ideal frequency window for stimulating bone growth is 30 Hertz – which happens to be the exact frequency of the VIBE. However, even using the correct frequency, both the amplitude and the method of transmission must also be carefully regulated to ensure that the vibration is effective and safe.

The amplitude of the Vibe has been carefully selected to ensure that the power is sufficient to transmit the benefits of vibration therapy throughout the body, yet the recommended protocols for using the Vibe do not exceed the recommended safety standards of the ISO in regards to Whole-Body Vibration.  Researchers studied one WBV platform in particular, measuring the amount of force that was being transmitted into the joints & the skeleton, and found that these safety standards were indeed being exceeded by just 10 minutes of using this platform.42  With the Vibe, you can rest assured that we have done our homework to ensure regular usage of the Vibe will not place undue stress & strain upon the bones, muscles & joints in your body.

How the vibration is transmitted into the body is also important.  One-dimensional vibration can be very stressful to the bones & the joints.  Two-dimensional vibration does not stimulate the body in every direction, and so is less effective for postural remodeling & neuromuscular rehabilitation.  The Vibe uses an offset rotating cam design to deliver oscillating vibration in all three dimensions, stimulating the tissues of the body from every angle.

Q5. What is the maximum weight the Vibe can support?
Answer: The VIBE has been quality-tested to ensure that the frequency & amplitude of the vibration is uniform across its surface, even under a load of up to 400 lbs.

Q6. What are some proven benefits of the Vibe?
• increase blood & lymph circulation
• reduce pain & inflammation
• promote immune response
• increase healing of fractures, strains, & sprains
• promote joint strength & flexibility
• decrease stress & increase energy levels
• aid in detoxification & removal of wastes from the body
• increase bone density

Q7. Why doesn’t the Vibe look like other vibration therapy devices on the market?
Answer: If you have researched other vibrating platforms, you may have noticed that many have handles, digital viewscreens, stylized designs, or other superfluous features – all of which seek to dazzle the consumer with a high-tech appearance.  However, none of these features have any relation to the therapeutic benefits of WBV therapy.  Vibe For Health has reviewed literally hundreds of research articles – many showing that WBV performed at the wrong frequency or amplitude can be ineffective or even harmful.

The Vibe was designed by a doctor, not a marketer, and the majority of our customers are doctors whose reputations depend upon the results they achieve in their patients.  In order to be able to deliver these results, we maintain strict quality standards which require rigorous control & constant involvement with the manufacturing process.  Therefore, the Vibe is manufactured locally in the United States, less than 10 minutes away from the management headquarters of Vibe For Health.  Many other platforms are made overseas to reduce costs, allowing money to be invested in the design & appearance of the unit at the sacrifice of quality & service.

The Vibe is engineered for one reason – results.  We sacrifice unnecessary features to minimize costs & maximize efficacy.  The Vibe was designed with purity of form & purpose, in line with the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed literature, and the profits derived from sales of the Vibe are invested back into research projects on the Vibe specifically, rather than marketing or improving its aesthetic appearance.