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Mechanical Drop Piece

Mechanical Drop Piece

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Made in the USA.

** 7 day lead time for this item. **

The MDP combines the technique of chiropractic drop adjusting with the principles of hand-held adjusting instruments that deliver forces faster than the neurological system can react.  It raises & lowers 1/2" six times per second, delivering the equivalent of 1,800 chiropractic drop adjustments in five minutes, at a speed faster than the body can react to.  Our neurological systems respond at a speed of roughly 250 milliseconds, so when forces are delivered faster than the body can react, they are more able to achieve a correction.  The MDP can be placed under the shoulders of a supine patient to aid in reversing Upper Cross Syndrome and Forward Head Posture, underneath the posterior rib arch of a supine scoliosis patient to aid in de-rotation of the ribs & spine, underneath the pelvis of a supine patient with a spondylolisthesis to reduce the lumbar lordosis and counter-nutate the sacrum, or underneath the posterior hip of a supine patient to correct pelvic rotation.


NOTE: International orders for vibration therapy equipment should be placed a minimum of 21 days in advance, and the additional accessories & modifications required to outfit the unit for international operations. Using a transformer will void the warranty on the unit; vibrational therapy must occur at specific frequencies in order to be effective, and this is affected not by the voltage, but by the Hertz of the electrical current (transformers will not affect the Hertz, only the voltage, of the incoming current).



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