V/T Vibrating Traction

The VT utilizes a very specific, patented vibrational frequency to treat ligaments, tendons, & discs.  It is especially effective with sagittal curve correction, disc hernations, & scoliosis.
The benefits of the VT are supported by research and testimonials from patients & doctors.
30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
1-year Unlimited Warranty






NOTE: International orders for vibration therapy equipment should be placed a minimum of 21 days in advance, and the additional accessories & modifications required to outfit the unit for international operations carry an additional $1,000 charge per unit. Using a transformer will void the warranty on the unit; vibrational therapy must occur at specific frequencies in order to be effective, and this is affected not by the voltage, but by the Hertz of the electrical current (transformers will not affect the Hertz, only the voltage, of the incoming current).

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